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I. S. Vlachos, M. D. Paraskevopoulou, D. Karagkouni, G. Georgakilas, T. Vergoulis, I. Kanellos, I-L. Anastasopoulos, S. Maniou, K. Karathanou, D. Kalfakakou, A. Fevgas, T. Dalamagas and A. G. Hatzigeorgiou. DIANA-TarBase v7.0: indexing more than half a million experimentally supported miRNA:mRNA interactions. Nucl. Acids Res. (2014)
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DIANA-TarBase v7 is available for scientific non-profit and non-commercial use! Download TarBase v7 by following this link
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Welcome to DIANA-TarBase v7.0

DIANA-TarBase was initially released in 2006 and it was the first database aiming to catalogue published experimentally validated miRNA:gene interactions. DIANA-TarBase v7.0, provides for the first time hundreds of thousands of high quality manually curated experimentally validated miRNA:gene interactions, enhanced with detailed meta-data.

With DIANA-TarBase v7.0 you can easily identify positive or negative experimental results, the utilized experimental methodology, experimental conditions including cell/tissue type and treatment. The new interface provides also advanced information ranging from the binding site location, as identified experimentally as well as in silico, to the primer sequences used for cloning experiments.

More than half a million miRNA:gene interactions have been curated from published experiments implemented utilizing 356 different cell types from 24 species. DIANA-TarBase v.7 indexes 9 to 250-fold more entries than any other relevant database.